Does LifeFlix support VHS import?

Yes! Here are the steps to import old VHS tapes:

  • Use the AV Out port on your VHS camcorder
  • Plug into AV In port on DV camcorder
  • Rewind VHS tape manually
  • Make sure no tape is in the DV camcorder
  • Set DV camcorder to VCR mode
  • Launch LifeFlix
  • Uncheck Rewind
  • Play VHS tape (rewind it first)
  • Click Import in LifeFlix

These steps will work with a Hi8 or Video8 analog camcorder also. If you don't have a DV camcorder you can output the analog signal to a DV converter (ie. the ADVC110 from Canopus) which you then plug into your Mac.

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