More on Compression....

  • Compressed (leaving the box checked). We use a .mov QuickTime wrapper and apply the Quicktime h.264 or MP4 codec for compression. The data rate for compressed is 3.3 mbps, frame rate is 29.97 (same as original), and resolution is 640x480 (same as original). This option also deinterlaces the video (most people won't see any difference between compressed and uncompressed). MP4 videos upload to YouTube the fastest because it is the format they use on their platform.


  • Uncompressed (unchecking the box). We merely perform a transcode of the original DV file. It does not compress the original video, it only adds a .mov QuickTime wrapper to it. Choosing uncompressed also retains the original resolution, frame rate, etc. Also, there is no deinterlacing done. 60 minutes of uncompressed video is going to take about 13 GB of storage space. Uploading DV files to YouTube takes a lot longer because YouTube needs to transcode the format to MP4.
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