Import Options

You have a few options before importing an old video tape. These include:

  • Rewind Tape Before Import. Leave this checked if you're importing a new tape to ensure that the tape is rewound. If you want to import a section from the middle of the tape, or want to re-import a part of a video, then uncheck this box before import.
  • Compress Video On Import.We recommend leaving this box checked because the quality is great. It also creates a smaller file and uses MP4 compression, which is high quality. If you uncheck the box, it will import without compressing and leave the video in its original DV format.
  • Convert to HD On Import. Checking this box will increase the original SD (standard definition) pixel size from 640 x 480 to 1920 x 1080. To prevent the SD video from being distorted, you will notice that this will place black letterbox margins on the left and right of the video


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